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Oct 29, 2012 2:30pm PDT
concentration in technology, we are offering the cheapest electricity in sunny areas compared to other systems. >> the award was presented to this solar entrepreneur as the industry faces tough times. a former prize winner's solar energy business is shedding around 1000 jobs. sma makes solar-technology components called power converters, essential into putting power into the grid. chinese composition and cuts to subsidies have hit his company hard. >> we need the government to support -- to provide support for german manufacturers. we need stronger funding for research and development, and we need an easy way to access funds. >> researchers agree. they are already experimenting with technology they say could bring even more light into their mini-panel, the kind of break through the company needs to compete. >> it time for a brief look at some of the other stories making news around the world. israel has launched three air strikes on gaza. the israeli military says it was targeting our rocket-launching site and militant base. the exchange of fire comes three days after both sides accepted an un
Oct 31, 2012 6:00am PDT
is to combine the most energy efficient new lighting technology with dynamic one of a kind scenery. the art piece you see behind me, it's created by artists who call themselves mirror bullets. this one uses l.e.d. the cool es part is that it requires audience involvement. it's gigantic egg shaped mirror ball turns on when somebody sits on this bike so with pedal power it gets electricity and changes the do lores. let's take a look at another piece of art. there's also a piece here called b oour ballumination. here's another interactive work of address, when you hold hands one of the exhibit staff, it gives off a glow of their shirt. the piece is meant to represent the spark people feel when they interact with one another. but this event isn't just about huge lighting displays, it also hases some performances, photo contests, galleries and work ships where people can learn about the latest lighting technologies and these modern art pieces. smart illumination is going to run now until sunday november 4. >>> u.s. entertainment giant walt disney has announced it will purchase the film company o
Oct 27, 2012 8:00am PDT
, the lungs. look at how you're sweating. >> it is the only way. >> that is why we're saying the technology has to improve. so that your help and the health of the children to come has to change. >> he says the government has not yet initiated an effective strategy to protect the health of the people here. in the shadow of mount cameroon, ayuk work together with george eyabi, a specialist from the marine ecology center near limbe. he has developed two small models for small houses that need less than half of the time and would for the smoking process. -- and wood for the smoking process. >> we also introduced a new filter system to reduce the toxic carbon emissions in the fish and a news dockage system where the women can keep the fish once they are smoked. >> convincing the locals and fund-raising has taken ayuk a few years. now his project is about to be implemented. in many small fishing communities like here in the southwest region of cameroon, it is still not too late to save the marine breeding grounds. >> these are young snails that are hanging on the roots of the man growth. -- mang
Oct 27, 2012 8:30am PDT
with the most modern technology and 60 beds. he says there will treat anyone who comes for free. the intensive care unit is also finished. for months, the government refused to issue the clinic with the necessary permits because it was funded by ivanishvili. at least that might be resolved now that he is taking over as prime minister. he sees himself as the harbinger of a real democracy. he says he's giving the people of georgia and opportunity. they voted out the old government and if they don't like him, they can vote him out, too. >> piece is not something that simply happens. you have to work hard to achieve it. those were most committed deserve public recognition. that is what alfred nobel believed. for more than a century now, each year, individuals or the award in his name. this year, the prize goes to the eu. the prize reminds everyone there is peace in europe because of the eu. >> it is business as usual at the european union district in brussels. you would hardly know the eu had just won one of the greatest honors in the world, of the peace prize. >> we've been in brussels for two da
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4